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Liberia Fashion Week

Liberia Fashion Week launched as an answer to the call for a platform to focus on the needs of the developing Liberian fashion industry. As the first ever Fashion Week, Liberia Fashion Week provides the bridge between fashion designers, models, photographers, advertising agencies, modeling agencies, fine artists, makeup and hair stylists, exhibitors, and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion, and textile industries.  


Liberia Fashion Week produces an upscale quality exhibition with the overall goal of bringing awareness and economic growth to the local Liberian fashion and textile industries.  We work, recruit and develop talent, as well as, provide an avenue for talents to learn real-world skills in the various industries that contribute to the development of the Liberian fashion industry.  


As part of our commitment to the stabilization of the Liberian economy, our marketing strategy involves collaboration with Liberian based businesses to create new sales and networking opportunities.  We accomplish this by attracting customers through hosted events, special sales promotions, and social media marketing efforts.

Our Vision

We serve as a Fashion hub for Liberia. We focus on spotlighting the country's creatives, especially Liberia's fashion, textile, and associated industry professional such as beauty and style entrepreneurs. We aim to inspire, showcase and unite fashion’s key creators, communicators and consumers.

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