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Cammepa Productions is a creative agency and productions firm based in the United States and Liberia, West Africa. In Liberia, our goal is to expand the consumer reach of brands in the fashion, textile, beauty, and interior décor as related to our creative sector projects. Cammepa Productions produces unique and avant-garde events, a mélange of culture, fashion, textile, beauty, and humanitarian efforts. It's humanitarian intiatives are conducted by partnering with The Tosh Foundation.


Cammepa Productions created the first Liberia Fashion Week in the early 2000s. At which time, our founder partnered in a company called the Ugirl Productions to facilitate a more organized launch of Liberia Fashion Week in 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Thereafter, Cammepa Productions continued in hosting its flagship event by launching the First Ever Fashion Week in Liberia from December 17-20, 2008.


Within the next decade, we hope to gather your support to help us take Liberia Fashion Week to the next level. Please remember to like our Liberia Fashion Week Social media pages for up to the hour details on Liberia Fashion Week.




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